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At Peerspective, we help individuals gain perspective on their strengths, their relationship with others, and their role in creating an effective team.

Our philosophy is built on the idea that increased self awareness and an understanding of others improves a person's abilities to be an effective leader, to collaborate and work well on a team, to set and attain goals and to create and achieve their own personal development plan.



RELATE - Relating to others is important for creating strong leaders, successful teams and effective interactions. The quality and quantity of our social connections has been linked to a person's  ability to manage stress, to an increased ability to think, plan and regulate emotions and to their long term happiness.  Peerspective works to increase relatedness among team members through the use of icebreakers, trust activities and experiential activities created specifically for increasing awareness and understanding. 

COMMUNICATE -  Effective communication starts with an awareness of oneself and of others.  Everyone has a preferred style of communication, understanding this style and the preferred style of others can be very valuable for decreasing misunderstandings and issues that arise within teams.  Peerspective helps its clients improve communication through the use of workshops that teach interaction styles, demonstrate conflict resolution and explore the limitations that effect a person's ability to respond appropriately.

COLLABORATE- Collaborative teams create rich opportunities for innovation, through creating safe spaces where ideas and knowledge can be shared, cross-fertilized and new connections made.   Participants in collaborative groups gain a sense of ownership toward their project and empowerment over progress.  Peerspective improves the collaborative process in teams through  programs that focus on increasing relatedness and communication, demonstrating conflict resolution strategies, creating community, and balancing task and relationship oriented leadership.  

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